With Set being the god of Chaos I wanted to incorporate something of that feel into the design, and I believe I've managed that to some degree with the way that some parts seem to almost float and are not quite fully connected to the whole.

The top portion of the blade is the head of Set, complete with an electrum eye and a headdress which pivots into place with the opening and closing of the blade. The body is largely skeletonized to display as much of the gear workings as possible. Even so there are a few areas where I can add inlays/embellishments, and my plan is to incorporate more of a Steampunk feel with these. I expect embellishment to be applied to the center round section and to the long back spine area.

The blade and body will be damascus and Set's head will likely be copper/niobium with the electrum eye. The headdress will be mokume with MOP inlays (probably black lip).

Functionally the knife will be a button lock with the locking mechanism operating against the large planetary gear. The blade will be fastened both to the planetary gear as well as to a center post - providing for a solid structure. The gearing ratio is significant and I'm hoping for as much as a 3 second opening cycle.