The concept for The Eye of Set came from my initial desire to again explore the rich Egyptian mythos. Some years ago I studied through one of my early DarkLights the Egyptian demon Ammut. Even though it was an early knife, it is still one of my favorites. I began the concept as another DarkLight named Set, intending to explore the Egyptian god.

It didn't work. The knife design looked good and would have been a solid piece of work, but no matter what I did to it I just didn't see Set. So I shelved the project and moved on to other things. But it wouldn't let me be, the idea just kept at me and I found myself reworking the design again and again. Finally, after a conversation with one particular collector I realized that Set needed to be grander, more wild. So I hatched a new Elemental Rein design, and my third Reduction Geared Automatic. Welcome to the Making of The Eye of Set. May you enjoy it as much as do I.